Directors and Officers


Project Gurnet & Bug Light directors and officers are volunteers that serve three-year terms. Project Gurnet & Bug Light meets monthly and anyone interested in preserving and restoring these landmarks is welcome to attend.

Dolly Snow Bicknell President 9/19
Scott Day V.P. / Director of Facilities 9/18
Mary Ott Treasurer 9/19
Donald Gunster Clerk 9/20
Eric Strom V.P. of Gurnet Light 9/19
Tim Theran V.P. of Bug Light 9/19
Walter Hempel V.P. of Fort Andrew 9/18
Wylie Barrow V.P. of Keeper’s Cottage 9/20
Diane Hunter  Director 9/19
Shirley Muirhead Jenkins  Director 9/20
Gary Kinsman  Director 9/18
Brad Newman  Director  9/20
Elaine Nudd  Director 9/18
Alden Ringquist  Director 9/18
Stuart Ruggles  Director 9/20
Geoffrey Stewart  Director 9/18
Sandie Theran  Director 9/19